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Wings relay boys did us proud in Hong Kong

Posted 20th July 2010

Our four Wings quarter sprinters did the club and nation proud by clocking a season best of 40.42 seconds in Hong Kong.

They competed at the 2010 Hong Kong Inter-City Athletics Championships, which was held between 10-11th July.

Their next overseas meet will be the Vietnam Open.

Melvin Tan (Coach to the below following athletes)

The four of them (Gary, Elfi, Cheng Wei & Amir) had only two trainings together prior to the meet. Hence, I would say that they had done reasonably well as they had surpassed the target of 40.60 seconds set by us.

The race condition was not ideal. For example Gary was running into a headwind of 3.2 m/s. Having said that, I still feel that they could have done slightly better.

The team has been strengthened with the arrival of Calvin Kang and UK Shyam. They will continue to train as a team and go for quality competitions only. Everything is going to plan currently.

We hope to establish a new record at the Commonwealth Games.

Team Singapore in Lane #7, finishing 5th in 40.42s for the 4x100m

Valerie Seema Pereira, 20-years-old

HK results: 200m (25.26s, 2nd in the finals)

I ran a 25.26s and came in second.

It was my Season Best for this year and I was quite happy with my results.

The head wind was pretty strong however.

Overall I think the meet was pretty good.

Valerie in Lane #3 for her 200m event

Lee Cheng Wei, 23-years-old

HK results: 200m (22.00s for heats, 22.32s for finals) & 4x100m (40.42s, 5th)

I'm very disappointed with the individual 100m race. although running against headwind, timing is still very disappointing.

200m was a better performance for me. 22.00s is a very good timing for me and will continue to strive for better results.

The relay produced a very pleasing result for the team. 40.42 seconds was our season's best and the first time that this team is running together after the Sea Games.

Therefore we are definitely trying to improve further and sharpen our relay skills towards Asian and Commonwealth Games.

Cheng Wei in Lane #2 for his 200m event

Elfi Mustapa, 23-years-old

HK results: 100m (10.95s), 200m (22.10s) & 4x100m (40.42s, 5th)

I clocked 10.95s in the 100m and 22.10s in the 200m. Although it wasn't as what I had hoped for, I learnt valuable lessons from the races there.

The conditions for once wasn't favourable, there was strong erratic headwind and the blistering afternoon sun didn't make it any better.

I think I pushed myself too hard in the race, with the intention of overcoming the wind, but instead I got myself all tensed up and eventually lost the plot.

It's a good experience for me, and I know I need to be as relaxed as possible if another race of these conditions comes.

We also clocked a season's best of 40.42 seconds for the relay, which I feel is impressive considering our wayward 100m timings beforehand.

It simply shows that relay is a whole different ball game, it boils down to who has the stronger desire to fight for each other, and it's proven that we have it in this team.

Elfi in Lane #2 for his 200m event

Amirudin Jamal, 23-years-old

HK results: 100m (10.91s), & 4x100m (40.42s, 5th)

The 10.91 seconds for my 100m was ok if you considered the wind conditions. I ran in a -1.9m/s wind and if u take that into consideration, the timing would be a low to mid 10.7 so I'm quite happy with the results.

The wind wasn't just affecting us, if u look at how the Taiwanese ran, they didn't clock very good times even though they were running 10.4s and 10.5s consistently prior to this meet.

For the 4x100m, I felt at the end of the day what mattered was the relay and at this juncture, we clocked a better than than we did last year. We clocked a 40.54s in July last year, and that was one of the better results prior to the Sea Games.

And its especially remarkable considering that the last time this team ran together was in December.

To end, I'm feeling good and i hope to keep improving.

Amir in Lane #1 and Elfi in Lane #7 for their 100m event

Credit: All Team Singapore athletes video courtesy of Elfi.

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