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Wings athletes competes at Pahang Open 2010

Posted 9th May 2010

Recently during the Labor Day weekend, a 19 member Team Singapore contingent competed at the Pahang Open, which was held on 1st to 2nd May.

Out of the lot, seven were from Wings Athletics Club. They are Poh Seng Song, Ronnie Cai, Valerie Seema Pereira, Gary Yeo, Lee Cheng Wei, Elfi Mustapa and Kenneth Khoo.

This was the team second overseas competition, the first was Negeri Sembilan, another Malaysian state held meet.

The Pahang outing which took place at the Temerloh Stadium, some 133km from Kuala Lumpur, saw one national record fell; the women's 400m hurdles, and a credible meet Championship record by the 4x100m men squad.

Now a group of Team Singapore prepares for their next overseas meet, the Taiwan Open.

Poh Seng Song, 27-years-old

Pahang results: 100m (10.91s for heats, 11.05s for finals)

Pahang Open is the first competition for me this year. Both my coach and I went with the objective of hitting a sub 11 for the 100m, as we are currently still loading. I actually thought that I would hit above 11s as my muscles still felt heavy even the week of Pahang Open.

I ran 10.91s (heats) and 11.05s (finals). The race was quite competitive as there were many Malaysian national runners there as well. Overall a good competition.

Melvin Tan (Coach to the below following athletes)

Honestly speaking, I did not expect too much from my athletes at the Pahang Open.

We are currently in week 8 of our Preparation Phase and there is certainly a long way to go before we hit the peak.

In general, I am quite pleased with all their individual performances as they had surpassed the targets we set.

These were their first respective races and they were obviously faster than what they did last year.

We should be moving into more specific trainings and quality competitions soon.

Kenneth Khoo, 28-years-old

Pahang results: 200m (22.40s)

Since I'm at the tail end of my loading phase, I knew I wasn't going to run fantastic timings. However, I was secretly hopeful I could run a sub 22s or at least a low 22s.

My last race was more than a month or so ago and I thought Pahang would be a good opportunity to kickstart my racing season.

I competed in the 200m in Pahang. Although I managed to scrape through to the finals, I finished in a dismal timing of 22.4s. It was disappointing no doubt, but we all have bad days at the office.

Nevertheless, I'm glad for this wake up call and I'll just have to work harder. It was also heartening to see Singaporeans running sub 22s with Calvin posting an awesome 21.8s performance!

Valerie Seema Pereira, 20-years-old

Pahang results: 200m (25.65s)

Since it was my first race of the year and first 200m race in a long time I really was just focusing on running a good race without thinking too much about the timing.

Just to see where I stand in the event now.

I ran 25.65s in the 200m.

It was an alright timing for me and I will be training hard to do better.

Gary Yeo, 24-years-old

Pahang results: 100m (10.80s)

I went to compete in the 100m and 200m in Pahang.

My target of 10.8s for 100m was achieved but I got injured in the 200m race.

Being the first race, I felt a bit rusty and did not start as well as I normally would and of course I had a injury nagging and in the 200m it came back again.

Lee Cheng Wei, 23-years-old

Pahang results: 100m (11.06s) and 200m (22.32s)

Pahang Open was my first meet after SEA Games.

My objective was to try to regain my race fitness. I competed in 100m (11.06s) and 200m (22.32s).

It was pretty disappointing for me and I just hope to regain my form soon.

Now that my exams are just over, I can fully focus on training.

Elfi Mustapa, 23-years-old

Pahang results: 100m (10.80s for heats, 10.73s for finals)

As it was my first race of the season - my last 100m race being Singapore Open last November - I set myself a target of 10.70s. I believed that it was a realistic goal, as my trainings went on quite well for the past month or so. More importantly for me was to start the season on the right track, and to stick to the race plans given by my coach.

I ran 10.80s in the heats in the morning. Unfortunately, it was delayed, and thus disrupted my pre-race warm ups. My start wasn't what I wanted, I focused too much on relaxing myself for the first few meters, till a few guys got ahead of me. But I managed to get back into the race and finished 2nd in my heats. Not as what I've wanted but good enough for a place in the final.

The conditions for the final wasn't any better. The afternoon sun was much hotter, but fortunately the race started on time. I went to the final looking to improve on certain things - my starts, my first 20 meters and also my 10.70s target.

The one-false-start-out-you-go-rule was already in place and it was the first time for me, and unluckily a false start occurred sending one Malaysian home.

The next start went smoothly, and although I managed to improve my starts and my first 20 meters, I was pipped to the line by Imran, a Malaysian sprinter.

I clocked 10.73s, losing by a mere 0.02s. I'm glad that my first race went well, but there's a lot of room for improvement. I hope there will be many more races to come this season, because that's the best way to learn and improve.

Credit: All Team Singapore athletes, and photos via Rahman Lim, Gio and Wings Athletics Club.

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